6 Reasons Summer Is the Perfect Time to Get LASIK

LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis. It is a surgery that corrects refractive errors for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. When light does not focus on your retina, it causes your vision to become blurry. The surgery reshapes your cornea to allow light to focus on the retina. There are many benefits of getting LASIK surgery. 

Still, most people are baffled about the best time to get it. The answer lies with you, as you may need to consider various factors unique to your situation. But in general, one perfect time you should consider is summer. Here are six reasons why.


Reduced Allergies


Contacts can pop out of your eyes as you rub them. During summer, there is a high likelihood that this can happen. Allergens and pollen are rampant. They can cause unpleasant symptoms like itchiness, watery eyes, and light sensitivity. To ease the irritation, you may rub your eyes and your contacts may pop out.

After LASIK, you eliminate your dependence on contact lenses. The procedure frees you from worrying about losing them and having to spend more money getting a pair. LASIK improves your comfort during allergy season since you will not be wearing contacts. While LASIK does not entirely cure your allergies, it prevents them from worsening.


Saves on Money


Most people are busy during summer. It will leave them with little time to schedule their LASIK appointments. For you, it’s a good time to schedule your appointment and ask for a good price from your surgeon. They are more likely to give you a discount in summer than in any other season. 


Travel Hassle-free


With eyeglasses, you need to carry them on your face and a case to keep them. You may also need to carry an extra pair in case anything happens to your other one. The same applies to contact lenses. 

In addition to the lenses, you need to carry a cleaning solution and a case. LASIK relieves you of all this hassle. You can use that extra space to carry a pair of stylish sunglasses that will complement your wardrobe.


Wear Stylish Sunglasses


When you wear eyeglasses, it may be difficult to get a nice pair of stylish sunglasses. The same applies to contact lenses. Prescription sunglasses rarely come in style. The ones available are boring. LASIK will allow you to pick up trendy and fabulous sunglasses. They will shield your eyes and protect them from harmful UV rays, too.


Participate in Sports


Engaging in sports while wearing eyeglasses is cumbersome. Contact lenses are better. However, they can fall out during a hard tackle. LASIK surgery will free you from the mess of broken eyeglasses and missing lenses. You can enjoy your high-intensity activities without worry.


Enjoy the Water


Summer is a prime time to go swimming in the ocean or other water bodies. You can enjoy fountains and other water activities. Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses can hinder you from enjoying activities that incorporate water. However, LASIK will allow you to take part in them and enjoy yourself.

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