Custom LASIK

VISX Star 4CustomLASIK is a procedure that utilizes a wavefront analyzer to provide eye care professionals with a precise map of the eye. By detecting exactly how light passes through the eye, the analyzers produce a topographical-like diagram.

This information is then programmed into an excimer laser enabling the surgeon to further customize the LASIK procedure to each patient’s eyes based on the patient’s aberrations.

​​​​​​​CustomLASIK has shown promise in treating higher-order aberrations that may contribute to night glare and halos. For many patients, CustomLASIK has resulted in an enhanced quality of vision.

WavefrontWhat is the difference between Conventional LASIK and CustomLASIK?

CustomLASIK uses a tool called the wavefront analyzer to accurately measure the way light travels through your eye. The resulting map of your eye is then programmed into the laser, and the laser treats your eye based upon that personalized 3D map. CustomLASIK helps to treat “higher order” aberrations, which are tiny imperfections in the eye that can have a significant impact on one’s quality of vision. In fact, higher-order aberrations have been linked to visual glare and halos. Higher order aberrations have not been previously treatable with contacts, glasses or Conventional LASIK.

Conventional LASIK is still a very good choice for many patients, though most will prefer the higher level of customization that CustomLASIK can provide. Ultimately, you need to discuss the options with your doctor. You can trust our doctors to help you make the correct decision.

Is the actual LASIK part performed the same way? Or is CustomLASIK a completely different procedure?

The actual LASIK procedure is performed in exactly the same way in both Conventional LASIK and CustomLASIK. The pre-op testing for Conventional LASIK and CustomLASIK differ greatly. The wavefront analyzer used with CustomLASIK brings a whole new level of knowledge and accuracy to the surgeon.