LASIK Technology

iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio

  • Our doctors have been doing LASIK in Santa Maria over 20 years, all three of our doctors are very experienced LASIK surgeons and have performed over 20,000 refractive procedures.  


  • We use the latest generation lasers. Our excimer treatment laser is the AMO VISX Star S4 IR. This is AMO’s latest-generation laser and the most commonly used excimer laser in the country. More doctors choose the AMO VISX Star S4 for their LASIK patients than any other laser. 


  • Our flap-making femtosecond laser is the AMO IntraLase, also called iFS. (This is the newest IntraLase FS 150, not the older FS 60.) This is the latest-generation and most commonly used LASIK femtosecond laser in the country (more doctors use the iFS than any other femtosecond laser).  


  • Our LASIK price is all-inclusive, including drops and medications, post-op visits, and enhancement for 2 years if needed. 


  • We use the best techniques and technology for every patient. We want every patient to get the best treatment possible and don’t charge more for better technology.  


  • We now offer the new iDesign custom LASIK.  This is a significant advance over the WaveScan, which has been the standard for the past decade. Our new iDesign Refractive Studio allows our surgeons to measure the entire visual pathway and the cornea curvature to create an optical fingerprint unique to each patient’s eye. iDesign  uses topography-integrated, wavefront-guided technology, allowing our doctors to take a precise measurement of the eye inside and out to deliver a LASIK procedure personalized to the individual patient. 




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