Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

What is blade-free cataract sugery?

Surgeons have traditionally performed cataract surgery manually, using handheld blades. Laser Assisted Cataract surgery, however uses a beam of laser-generated light to deliver a precise and customizable cataract procedure, blade-free. Ziemer's Swiss-engineered, FDA-approved FEMTO LDV Z8 laser system was developed to create blade-free corneal incisions, lending your operation a degree of precision unattainable to even the most talented and experienced manual surgeons. The laser is used to create the circular opening for accessing and removing the cataract as well as softening the cataract for easy removal. By using the laser system, your surgeon can offer you extraordinary accuracy and peace of mind in knowing that you have been offered the choice of a predictable and individualized cataract procedure. Laser-assisted corneal incisions also require only topical anesthetics, promoting faster healing and visual recovery without the need for stitches.


Why laser assisted?​

Shepard Eye Center surgeons recommend laser assisted surgery because the laser creates incisions by using an incredibly fast sequence of low pulses of laser energy to create microscopic bubbles at a programmed depth and length. These incisions can be placed in a variety of patterns for optimal results, and are precise within one hundredth of a millimeter. The laser system enables your surgeon to tailor the procedure to your eye's unique characteristics, a remarkably fine tuned and reliable option for your care.

laser assisted cataract surgery machine