5 Reasons to Get Botox at the Eye Doctor

Botox is a well-known treatment with various uses for many people. Different places like nail salons and dermatology practices offer this type of treatment. Consider visiting an eye doctor if you are looking for a professional who can administer Botox most effectively and safely. 

Read on to learn why to get Botox at the eye doctor.

Eye Doctors Have Experience Using Botox

Eye doctors have experience using Botox to treat muscle spasms and disorders. They also have the skills of injecting eye muscles. As a result, they understand Botox and the goal of treatment.

Eye Doctors Understand Your Eyes

Eye doctors understand the complex muscles of your eyes and the surrounding areas. They work with the eyes throughout their career and know the science, muscles, and movements involved. They also have an intricate understanding of your eyes and eyelid anatomy.

Botox Has Medical Uses Around the Eyes

Botox treatment has proven effective in the treatment of various medical conditions. The FDA has approved its use for the following:

·      Blepharospasm – Eye doctors resort to Botox injections if your eye muscles twitch and affect vision. Most individuals experience episodic, mild eye twitching that may feel like a tug on their lower or upper eyelids. Such cases may not need treatment. But if the symptoms are intense, chronic, and impact your vision, Botox can help.

Conjunctivitis, dry eyes, blepharitis, and photophobia can worsen the twitching. Hence, you may require Botox treatment.

·      Strabismus – The condition develops due to an imbalance in the coordination of the muscles that control eye movements. These muscles work together to move your eyes in the same direction so you can focus on a single object.

Strabismus causes the eyes to look in opposite directions. As a result, each one sends cues that differ from the other to the brain. Your brain then ignores one signal and interprets the other.

Eye doctors use Botox for strabismus treatment when eyeglasses and eye patching fail to work.

Botox Has Cosmetic Uses Around the Eyes

The use of Botox brings a youthful appearance around your eye area. Your eye doctor can give you a Botox treatment to provide you with your desired appearance enhancement to reduce the following:

·      Crow’s feet - Lateral canthal rhytides, also known as crow’s feet, are skin folds that individuals get on the outer corner of their eyes. It occurs due to the dysfunction of their periocular muscles. The lines are more visible and exaggerated when one smiles. Botox can help eliminate the lines.

·      Forehead lines - Your forehead can form creases due to constant brow lifting. Increased contraction of your frontalis muscles can also form folds and forehead lines. Botox helps eliminate all wrinkles.

·      Glabellar lines - These wrinkles form above the eyebrows and between the upper part of your face. The lines are more visible when an individual frowns. You can also see them when they are calm and rested. They form due to the contraction of muscles that control brow movements.

A Botox injection around your forehead can reduce wrinkles for up to three months.

Eye Doctors Come Up With Treatment Plans

Botox injections are a temporary but effective solution for your eye conditions. Working with an eye doctor will help you get the treatment safely. You still get a diagnosis with a treatment plan for conditions that may lead to problems that need injections.

You may need Botox injections every three months. However, the treatment plan can be a long-term solution to treating underlying conditions that cause you to need Botox injections.

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