When to get LASIK Surgery?


LASIK laser vision correction surgery has given people who usually rely on prescription glasses or contact lenses a way to see clearly without the frustrations that can accompany visual aids. The procedure uses cutting-edge laser technology to reshape the clear, domed front part of the eye called the cornea. In doing so, it changes the way in which light passes through the eyes, enabling it to be refracted properly onto the retina – which converts the light to messages sent up to the brain to tell us what we can see. 


LASIK is extremely safe and effective, with at least 94% of patients achieving 20/40 vision or better. However, this doesn’t mean that it is suitable for everyone or that now is necessarily the right time for you to undergo a LASIK procedure. In general, the average age range for getting LASIK is between the ages of 20 and 40. But, is there a right time or wrong time to undergo LASIK laser vision correction? Let’s find out. 


You Should Meet the Minimum Age Requirements


The FDA states that patients must be a minimum of 18 years old to undergo LASIK. While there is no upper age limit, the reason that the majority of people choose to undergo the procedure before they reach middle age is that once we reach 40 years old, we are more likely to start to develop the age-related visual condition called presbyopia. This is when the natural lens of the eye becomes less flexible and it is harder to focus on nearby objects. After 40 patients may start to need to wear reading glasses, regardless of whether they have previously undergone LASIK. 


Your Vision Should be Stable

You’ve probably noticed that your prescription has changed in the past, as our eyesight tends to get progressively worse with age. However, our vision tends to stabilize once we reach our 20s. In order for LASIK to be effective, your prescription should have been stable for at least 12 months. It should also fall within certain limits, which your LASIK surgeon will discuss with you. 


You and Your Eyes are in Good Health


Good health is essential for any form of laser vision correction. This is because if your body doesn’t heal well, you are at greater risk of complications from your procedure. People who suffer from uncontrolled autoimmune conditions or who take certain medications such as immunosuppressants are not considered good candidates for surgery. If you are pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding, you will need to wait to have LASIK. 


Your eyes must be healthy too, with no severe eye conditions or injury. Your LASIK surgeon will assess the health and condition of your eyes before you are approved for laser vision correction.  


Give LASIK as a Gift


What do you get the friend or family member who has got everything – everything except clear vision? LASIK of course. The gift of clear vision is invaluable, particularly if your loved one is someone who has become disillusioned or frustrated by the limitations and costs associated with wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses. When you choose to give the gift of LASIK, not only will you be giving them improved vision, you’ll also be freeing them from these constraints and improving their quality of life. You’ll even be lifting a lifelong financial burden – the costs associated with prescription updates, frames, lenses, cleaning solutions, and more. 



If you would like to find out more about the best time to get LASIK, or if you would like to find out more about giving LASIK as a gift, call our team in Santa Maria CA, Lompoc CA, and Solvang CA today.